Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)



  • To develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the college.
  • To  build and ensure quality culture, appropriate structure and institutional best practices.

The Cell

The internal Quality Assurance Cell has been reconstructed as per UGC/NAAC guideline by the Governing Body, Katwa College on 31.01.2019 with the following composition:

Members of IQAC


Sl NO Name of the members Phone Number
1  Dr. Nirmalendu Sarkar (Principal and President) 9749110550
2 Sri Utpal Das (Convener) 7001722941
3  Sri Tarasankar Ghosh, WBCS(Exe) 8637584701
4  Dr. Pareshnath Banerjee 9333383455
5 Dr. Bibhas Chandra Saha 8617647363 
6  Sri Sufal Rajwar  7679031808
7 Sri Prasanta Kumar Das 9832701187
8 Sri Rabi Ranjan Sen 9433112331 
9 Dr. Bharat Chandra Dalui 9433031683
10 Sri Dulal Sarkar   9609816225
11  Sri Prosanta Barman 8582939757
12 Sri Subhajit Sanyal 9932547840 
13 Sri Asit Kr. Mondal 9434666151
14 Sri Shuvojit Chakraborty 7866897873


  1. To strengthen all the departmental libraries to increase accessibility of books and resource material for students.
  2. Merge the three sectional libraries in a single window accessible at different times.
  3. Introduce Bar code system in our library management.
  4. To arrange requisite software for conducting online teaching-learning process.
  5. To organize departmental seminars on a regular basis.
  6. To initiate the introduction of new UG courses.
  7. To arrange MOUs with other colleges regarding faculty exchange programmes.
  8. To arrange online inter departmental cultural competitions among college students.
  9. To take steps for the construction of new class rooms for the college.
  10.  To introduce fully online administrative facilities.
  11.  To construct a cycle stand for the benefit of students and employees along with the central library.

GREEN AUDIT REPORT(Session 2018-19) :images/uploads/green audit 2018-19.pdf 

GREEN AUDIT REPORT(Session 2019-20)images/uploads/Green Audit 2019-20.pdf

IQAC Resolution (Session 2018-19)images/uploads/Meetin g_Resolution_IQAC_2018-19.pdf

IQAC Resolution (Session 2019-20): images/uploads/IQAC Resolutions - 2019 -20.pdf

Academic Audit Report (Session 2018-19)images/uploads/Academic_Audit_Report_2018-19.pdf

Academic Audit Report (Session 2019-20)images/uploads/Academic Audit Report 2019-2020.pdf

FEEDBACK ANALYSIS (Session 2019-20)images/uploads/feed back analysis2019-2020.pdf

Reservation order: images/uploads/2.2 Reservation _Order _07-Edn(CS)dated02.01.2014.pdf

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