The feedback committee of the college decided to Replica Handbags conduct feedback from four stakeholders namely, the students, teachers, alumni and parents. Questionnaires were prepared accordingly. The feedback for three stakeholders, i.e. students, teachers and the alumni has already been completed, while for the parents is under process.


The students who were considered as appropriate to respond to the questionnaires were the outgoing third year students as it was expected that they would be in a position to assess the infrastructure and other concerned areas.

The following pie charts are presentations of the response that the students submitted.

Q1. The learning process is smooth

As seen a considerable majority agreed that the process is smooth while not much behind is the group that strongly agrees. Hence this reflects the teaching learning negotiation as a positive outcome.










Q2. Completion of the syllabus within the time frame

The majority agree that the syllabus is completed within the allotted time frame.









   Q3. Practical classes take place on time

The majority agree that practical classes take place on time. Therefore, the science or the concerned departments where practical classes are taxing are still challenged to be scheduled and completed overcoming limitations.












Q4. Fairness of evaluation

The results sway between agree and strongly agree with this statement reflecting the fact that the students cherish trust towards the faculty and there is place for interaction and justification of the marks awarded to the recipient.











Q5. Library facilities are competent

The majority strongly agree that library facility is ensured.











Q6. Laboratory equipments are satisfactory

The response sways between strongly agree and agree which reflects ultimately on the overall satisfaction of the students who take practical classes regularly.











Q7. Access to computers is satisfactory

There is no overwhelming majority for any of the response here. Actually the science department students only get access to the computers. Hence the data does not reflect any overwhelming majority.











Q8. Provisions for recreational activities are sufficient.

There is no clear majority in this response. Many students travel quite a distance to access to this college since it is one of its kind in the entire subdivision that caters to many nearby villages. Hence the students do not get time to indulge in recreational activities.











Q9. Extracurricular activities are adequate

The majority responded to agreeing moderately to the question. Sports and cultural along with observing teachers’ day is regular for each session. Hence the students are aware and participate in such events.











Q 10. Sports facilities and activities for learners are adequate

The majority strongly agree to this response reflecting the fact that sports is an important event that is regularly held in each session.











Q 11. Canteen facilities and safe drinking water are maintained properly

The majority strongly agree to this response. The students are aware and use the water purifiers that are placed on each floor for student usage











Q12. The campus is hygienic and clean

The majority of the students strongly agreed regarding the cleanliness of the campus and hence the indirect feedback that they are satisfied with their environment in college.











Q13. The college is well connected by rail and road

The majority have strongly agreed to this question. The college is situated quite close to the station and bus stand and situated centrally in a subdivision town definitely reflects its strategic location which is of utmost advantage.











Q.14 NSS/NCC activities are regular

The majority have strongly agreed to this question. The college indeed has an active NSS and NCC unit which conducts various camps and other awareness programmes throughout the year both internally as well as in collaboration with other relevant organizations.












The response to the questions conclude that the students, the most important stakeholders, enjoy a respectable and interactive relationship with their teachers. They also feel responsible towards the development of the institution and try to participate in various activities of the college striving towards a rich campus life.















The feedback of the teachers was based on twenty questions and their response is summarized in the form of the graphical representation as seen above.

























Q1. The environment of the college is favourable to teaching and research

The majority strongly agree to this statement. This reflects the overall satisfaction of the teaching staff involved in the academic process of the college.

Q2. The College provides adequate opportunities and suppor

t to teachers for upgrading their skills and qualifications

The majority agree to this statement. From time to time teachers are given research leave and other duty leave for attendance / participation in workshops/seminars/conferences and other academic programs for their upgradation.

Q3. The classrooms are clean and well maintained

The majority moderately agree regarding the cleanliness and maintenance. This is encouraging for better classroom teaching. There is room for improvement regarding proper cleanliness.

Q4. The administration is teacher friendly

The majority strongly agrees to this statement. The principal acts as a liaison between the teaching and the administrative body and teacher representatives are active in voicing their opinions in the governing body meetings.

Q5. The College encourages participation in curricular and extra-curricular activities

The majority strongly agrees to this statement.

Q6. The books related to syllabus are available in the Library in sufficient numbers

The majority moderately agrees to this statement. new books are purchased from time to time and the library is upgraded regularly. At times the time taken is lengthy. However, the availability of relevant books is ensured as far as possible.

Q7. The course / syllabi of the subjects taught by me increased my interest, knowledge and perspective in the subject area

The majority strongly agrees to this statement which is only but expected from teachers who wish to update themselves for the sake of better teaching learning outcome.

Q8. The college has given me full freedom to adopt new techniques / strategies of teaching such as group discussions, seminar presentations and learners' participation.

The majority strongly agrees to this statement. the administration usually never interferes regarding the teaching methodology. The classroom is a space where the teachers and students freely interact without any external limitations.

Q9. The teaching aids in the department are sufficient and up to date

The majority moderately agree to this statement. with the increasing trend towards adopting ICT and alternative teaching methods, there is a gap between the desired and the achieved since teaching aids are always not available. Nevertheless, the administration is cooperative and tries to provide for aids as much as possible.

Q10. The teachers are encouraged to organize seminars/workshops/ symposia/conferences

The administration tries to cooperate regarding organization of the same. Of course seminar rooms are not abundant with state of the art infrastructure. Yet the college encourages organization of the same with whatever logistics are available.

Q 11. The teachers are encouraged to participate in seminars/workshops/symposia/ conferences

The majority strongly agree to this statement. the college sanctions duty and other leave facility for teachers to upgrade and update their academic status to improve teaching standards.

Q 12. The laboratories are sufficiently equipped (for Lab. based departments)

The majority agree to this statement. The practical classes are extensively carried out with the existing laboratories. Some of the laboratories however are undergoing renovation to provide better facility.

Q13. The IQAC is working well for promoting quality in the institution

There is an overwhelming majority response to strongly agreeing to this statement. The college indeed boasts of a strong IQAC committee that strives to work efficiently to enhance the quality of the institution.

Q14. The administration is sincerely putting efforts for the development of the institution

The majority strongly agrees to this statement.

Q15. The Staff meetings are held at college and department level regularly

The majority strongly agrees to this statement. teachers’ council meetings and teachers’ meeting are regularly held for concerned academic decisions and the decisions are communicated to the governing body. Departmental meetings are also held and proceedings are maintained.

Q16. The class load distribution in the department is properly balanced

The majority strongly agrees to this statement. The class load is distributed after discussion inside the concerned departments. Guest lecturers are appointed where necessary.

Q17. The faculty are given freedom to express their opinions

The majority strongly agree to this statement. the teaching faculty voice their opinions freely in the teachers’ council meetings and departmental meetings.

Q 18. The internet and computer facilities are sufficient to meet the demand of teaching and research

The majority strongly agrees to this statement. there is a separate computer room with internet facilities and a print cum reprographic machine that satisfies this demand. Along with this, laptops are also sanctioned to departments who apply for the same.

Q 19. General amenities including sitting space, drinking water, sanitation, cleanliness, separate canteen facility are maintained properly

The majority moderately agrees to this statement. There is a general staffroom and separate staffrooms are allotted for science and laboratory based departments. There is a water purifier in the staff room and toilets for male and female staff. Of course better sanitation is recommended.

Q 20. Students in general participate in the teaching learning process

The response sways between strongly and moderately agreeing with this statement. The teaching –learning atmosphere is generally peaceful and students cooperate with the process. When alternative teaching methods are carried out, the students try to take interest and express their intent to internalize the same.

The teachers’ feedback overall points out to a satisfaction in the academic process. There are suggestions, of course, for construction of more classrooms, better sanitation and cleanliness and ICT training.






















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The following questions were asked to the alumna respondents.

Q1. Do you feel proud to be associated with Katwa College as an Alumni?

Q2. The learning you had in the College is useful in your career

Q3. Have you obtained sufficient subject knowledge (both in theory and practice) at Katwa College?

Q4. The developments in the College in recent years is appreciative.

Q5. Are you willing to contribute to the development of the college?

Q6. The formation of alumni association is a step in the right direction

Q7. The College authority should take initiative to efficiently enroll and strengthen the alumni-association

Q8. Would you like to join the College/Department Alumni Association?

Q9. Do you receive communications from the College through Mails/ Calls/SMS etc.?

Q10. If you are invited to deliver A Guest Lecture/A Special Talk/A Motivational Session for your juniors, will you be interested?

Q11. Have you participated in any Alumni meet as of now?

Q12. Katwa College is involving alumni in its activities.

Q13.Is College providing good hospitality as Alumni after passing out?

Q14. Formation of Department wise alumni associations will be a right step

Q15. Alumni meet should be arranged frequently.


The respondents have mostly given a positive feedback and seem eager for efficient functioning of the association. The association was registered in the session 2016-17(Reg no. S/2L/No 62185 of 2016-17). Considering the background of students who usually attend the institution which is primarily agro-based (they travel considerable distance to attend the institution) and 1st generation kind, the association related work and commitment gets difficult. However, the respondents have suggested that the college authority must take steps to enroll and strengthen the association.

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